Bruce Turner

stories_bruce-turnerBruce Turner was sixteen when a family tragedy forced him to turn to drugs, and run away from home. He also started dealing drugs to support himself on the streets.

Street life was harsh – years rolled by, and one night, he was shot in the face and robbed. Next thing he remembers is waking up in the hospital with a disfigured face; he realized he had been given a second chance.

Bruce turned to God, and showed up at the Bethesda Center. He was finally ready to transform and needed our help! Due to his disability, Bruce qualified for public housing but the road back home was a long one, which tested his patience, perseverance and faith.

Today, Bruce is 42 years old and lives independently. The last two decades of his life have gone by in a blink, but he cherishes the “second life” that has been bestowed upon him. He has finally reunited with his family, and is rebuilding a relationship with his children. He stays busy with church activities, and says quietly, “It is God’s miracle!”

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