Eric Fulp

Eric Fulp“In October 2013, I came to Bethesda Center feeling sad, hurt and disappointed.  I had lost my job. I had nowhere to go. The first night I stayed here, I met a lot of friends and the staff treated me well. The more I heard, the more I felt they were part of my family and my heart opened up.

The more I hung around these people, the more I felt involved and like I was at home. I enjoyed going to Bible study and to different churches in the community that came and picked me up for their services. That gave me peace of mind, and I learned that I can be myself out in the world.

When they put me with Teresa Parker, my case manager, I was not afraid. She’s always been there for me when I really needed some help. She really picks me up when I need her. She helped me understand the system for getting healthcare, food stamps and the legal system. And finally, she helped me find my own home.

I feel happy to have a home. I have friends there but it’s not like my family here at Bethesda. As long as God gives me health, I hope to continue meeting new people and helping people in the way I’ve been helped at Bethesda Center.”



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