Huey Strickland (Slim)

success-stories_slimHuey Strickland Jr. also called Slim was born in 1965 in Fayetteville NC. Being born in a military family, he moved from place to place. As his parent separated, Slim was raised by his grandparents and his mom. As a teenager he was wild child, and dropped out of school at 16 and spent his time doing odd jobs at fast food restaurants and handyman jobs, drinking and partying. In his mid-30s, he made a bad decision and ended up serving jail time for being an accomplice in larceny.

All through life, Slim being a really good handyman was able to pay his bills and have a roof over himself, though he has suffered from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary cardio disease) having had his lungs collapse multiple times. When he turned 47, Slim faced his first episode of homelessness and moved to Bethesda Center in 2013 seeking help!

slim-2While living at the shelter, he always looked around to be productive and started volunteering at the front desk and helping staff and other clients in anything he could help with. While working with his case manager at Bethesda, he also helped his sister recover from surgery. His positive attitude and friendliness instantly attracted visitors and volunteers at Bethesda.

Slim moved out of Bethesda and found his own place through Rapid Rehousing, but still continues to volunteer here. He is finishing up his job readiness program at Goodwill. If you come down to the Bethesda Center, stop by to say ‘Hi’ to Slim!

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