Johnathan Bennett

Johnathan BennettJohnathan Bennett left home over four years ago to get away from a dysfunctional and abusive family. He was diagnosed with mental illness and his mother often directed her stress and frustration towards him. At the time he left home, he wasn’t ready to live on his own and found finding employment very challenging. After having no luck finding a job and being ignored by his family, Johnathan found himself without a home.

For three and a half years he sought shelter in abandoned homes, behind office buildings and in the woods, causing him to be arrested for trespassing on several occasions. He was hesitant to seek residence at area shelters because he was uncomfortable around people. He would visit a shelter only during inclement weather to avoid the elements and then leave as soon as conditions permitted. For four months he was in and out of different shelters before he came to reside here at Bethesda. Jonathan Bennett“I remember my socks were really wet and they gave me a new pair to put on” said Johnathan as he reminisced on his arrival here.“When I came here, I got a bed to sleep on, I could take showers, and I had new clothes.”

Once here, Johnathan was connected with a Case Manager and towards the end of September 2014, he was able to move into his own home. “It’s Peaceful” said Johnathan when asked what he enjoyed most about his new home. “I get time to myself. I can sleep well knowing I’m out of the elements.” Johnathan his overjoyed to have a place to call his own that is warm and secure. Now that he does not have to worry about where he is going to sleep, Johnathan is planning on enrolling in school to study Biology. He is interested in plants and insects and can’t wait to continue writing this new chapter in his story.



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