Case Management Services

Case Management Services

The Case Management program at Bethesda is customized to meet the individual needs of our guests. They provide homeless individuals with guidance in exploring barriers that hinder their ability to live independently. Case managers work with qualified guests on an individual (one-on-one) basis or in a group setting, depending on the personal situation of the guest. We are indeed proud of our case management services, which provide a second chance at life to many homeless men and women in this community.

We also serve chronically homeless individuals. Chronically homeless are those who have been on the streets or in shelters for at least a year, or who have had multiple episodes of homelessness, and who have a disabling condition, usually mental health or addiction. Only about 30% of homeless people are chronically homeless, but this group uses more than 70% of resources such as shelters, soup kitchens, and emergency room visits.

Please note, however, that not everyone arriving at the emergency shelter may qualify or meet guidelines for case management services. Qualified guests receive case management services that include the following:

  • Regular meetings with case managers to assist with service plan goals
  • Community resource referrals and linkage
  • Financial management
  • Transportation services (as available)

In the year ending in June 2013, we moved 110 homeless individuals from the shelter back into safe and affordable permanent housing. Through the HAWS Collaborative program, a partnership project amongst Bethesda Center, Housing Authority of Winston-Salem, the Empowerment Project (Wake Forest), Center Point, and Salvation Army, we put 59 households back together into the safety of a home!

HAWS Collaborative serves chronically homeless individuals and families who qualify for assistance by providing them with permanent supportive housing. This program immensely helps with family reunification, providing parents and guardians a chance to reunite with their children and other family members.