Sharon Redmon

Sharon Redmon“Give me a chance and I’ll run with it”

Sharon Redmon became homeless a year after her husband of twenty-two years passed away. After his death and losing her home, she proceeded to “couch surf” from 2005 until 2011. Finally, in May of 2011 she had nowhere else to turn. From May 1st until May 5th she constantly walked back and forth from a local Walmart to a nearby Waffle House stopping only briefly for a daily coffee from McDonalds bought with the few dollars a stranger had graciously given to her. During one of her nightly walks at this time, she felt God instructing her to go into McDonalds. While she knew that she usually only stopped at McDonalds during the day, as a dedicated Christian she decided to heed this call.

It was at this restaurant that she came in contact with a local preacher and his family who gave her shelter and brought her to the Bethesda Center on May 8, 2011. During her year-long stay at the Center, case workers aided her in the process of receiving disability benefits and eventually helped her become approved for an apartment with Experiment in Self-Reliance (ESR). Sharon is quoted as saying “give me a chance and I’ll run with it” and run with it she has.

Still a dedicated advocate for the homeless community, Sharon has worked on the Client Advisory Committee of the Bethesda Center and as of June 2013 is now a member of the Board of Directors. She is also the founder of a support group for former homeless who have received apartments known as “Home Alone Strong”. This group has served up to eleven individuals at one time. Sharon credits the Bethesda Center for helping her get back on her feet and continues to be passionate for helping the homeless and gaining support.

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